Marrakech agafay desert 2023

Marrakech agafay desert  2023. The Agafay Desert has become the trendsetting destination for holiday travelers to Morocco who seek a luxury glamping experience. Agafay boasts an arid, yet majestic rocky landscape resembling a moon crater and sits just an hour away from Marrakech, the designated cultural capital of Africa in 2020.

A Shift in Desert Destinations: Agafay’s Rise to Prominence

Marrakech agafay desert

Once, Morocco travelers dreamt of visiting the Sahara’s Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga dunes. But now, the rise of Agafay, just twelve hours south of Marrakech, has stolen the spotlight, making luxury glamping the new trend.

Agafay Desert attracts Hollywood stars, Instagram influencers, honeymooners, couples scouting wedding spots, and groups seeking tranquility and luxury.

A Celestial Retreat: Agafay’s Allure to A-Listers and Explorers

Many travelers also come to Agafay to take advantage of the natural scenery for photoshoots. The legendary Queen of Pop, Madonna, visited Marrakech several times in 2018 and celebrated her 60th birthday in the Agafay Desert. Included in her celebrity guest roster was American actress Debi Mazar.

They attended a Fantasia show, camel trekked across the desert and indulged in the premiere Kasbah Agafay Spa.

In 2019, Madonna expressed gratitude to “magical Morocco” through her new single, “Come Alive.” She integrated traditional Moroccan rhythms, including the Krabkeb percussion instrument used in Gnaoua music, into the song. Inspired by North African music, particularly Gnaoua, Madonna had Morocco in her thoughts while crafting the tune. You can personally experience these authentic Moroccan rhythms amidst an Agafay sunset.

Agafay’s Landscape of Contrasts: A Haven of Serenity

The Agafay Desert is best described as a landscape of many contrasts.  Multitudes of tracks run between canyons, there are rolling plains juxtaposed with stony mounds. Aside from the luxury desert camps, a view of nomads and sheepherders in the distance, Agafay offers ultimate serenity after dusk.Marrakech Agafay desert

For those who crave adventure, mountain biking, hiking, horseback and camel trekking are all possible in Agafay.

Agafay’s luxurious glamping captivates visitors with rose and saffron sunsets, Berber tent mint tea, and camel treks in a historic stone desert. Evenings feature a traditional multi-course dinner under Moroccan stars.