Morocco Sandboarding in the gaint Erg Chabbi and Erg ChegagaMorocco sandboarding

Once at Erg Chebbi, the Dune Surfing can begin! But don’t forget… first you have to climb up the Dunes! The higher you climb, the better the ride down, the faster your board will take you.And what goes up, must, most of the time, come down. You hope to ride down the Sand Dune as fast as you can to make the effort of climbing up to the top totally worth it!

Morocco sandboarding in Erg Chegaga

Experience the most popular sports sandboarding in the Morocco desert at Erg Chegaga dunes. Your journey experience in sandboarding on Erg Chigaga’s golden dunes is worth a lifetime.
Sand Surfing is a board sport that is akin to snowboarding but takes place on the natural-forming dunes of Erg Chegaga’s vast desert and is available year-round. The sandboard base straps both feet, which must be much harder than the materials used in a snowboard.

Erg Chigaga (or Erg Chegaga, Berber: ⴻⵔⴳ ⵛⴳⵉⴳⴰ, Arabic: عرق شقاق or Edaya el-Hamra, Arabic: الضاية الحمراء) is the largest and still untouched of the major ergs in Morocco, the other is Erg Chebbi near Merzouga.

This erg made of beautiful dunes is located in the Drâa-Tafilalet area about 45 km west of the small rural oasis town of M’Hamid El Ghizlane, itself located about 98 km south of the town of Zagora. Some dunes are over 50m above the surrounding landscape and with an area of approximately 35 km by 15 km, it is the largest and wildest erg of Morocco.

The north border is represented by Djebel Bani, the east border is represented by M’Hamid Hammada. At south-east it is located the Erg Smar adjacent to Erg Ezzahar. At west it is located the Iriki Lake, a dried lake now set Iriqui National Park since 1994.